Kahkashan Balkh Building & Road Construction Co. (KCC) has extensive depth and breadth of experience managing and executing projects in Afghanistan and surrounding areas since 2006. KCC has over 10 years of experience providing design, construction and O&M services for its clients. This experience includes design-build, new construction, renovation, rehabilitation and operations & maintenance with projects involving Airports, Airfields & Aprons, Ramps, Building
architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical work, water and sewage systems, roads, bridges, civil works, industrial projects, and various types of life support and other services.

KCC a Construction and Engineering Company has

accomplished significant construction projects in various regions of Afghanistan. KCC has successfully completed various construction, engineering and logistics projects of different international clients as USACE, GIZ, German Army,
ISAF/NATO, GPPT and utilized experiences and gained trust and credibility to a great extent.

The quality of our construction services is based on international construction codes and standards such as ASHTO, ASTM, DIN, etc. The Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and Quality Control Plan (QCP) including project safety plan for the projects are based on each contract requirement and international construction standards.

KCC provides services in supplying heavy-duty construction machinery and construction material like concrete (by mixer trucks and concrete pump), crushed aggregate, CMU, firebrick,
corrugated steel sheets, cement, Precast RCC units, steel bar, Pre-engineering Buildings, and power supply products.

KCC has the capacity to handle several projects at the same time, we are used to bidding with the fair cost and good timing schedule. In order to complete the projects as per the specification and design drawing as well as expected time limits, we believe the good construction management and using expert engineers, well-trained foremen, skilled mason and workers and enough machinery can get us to the expected goal easily.

KCC is now stronger as an organization, which is specialized in the design, engineering, project management and construction in the toughest areas of Afghanistan and has a great ability to
manage the risks.